The Open Data concept represents the principle whereby public data sets must be made available to all users.

This principle enables access to data, promotes transparency and encourages their reuse by exploiting the potential that these data represent. These data can be transmitted as information to everyone around us.

Within the solution, the implemented Open Data Portal collects and generates the alignment of transparency and accountability level of Romanian institutions with practices in the European Union. Information of public institutions in Romania, generated by the Open Data Portal, is of great interest for better knowledge of important aspects about everything around us.

The Open Data Portal is based on the use of CKAN, a mature platform, representing the most used open-source platform for data portals based on which the following open data services have been created: central access point for open data sets delivered to authorities and public institutions. central access point to open data sets, generated by European Union Institutions. open data portal of Great Britain. open data portal of USA. open data portal of Greece. open data portal of France. open data portal of Poland.